“I Love The Nightlife” / “Pac Man Fever” / Arnie Geller


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Show Info:
http://www.theihitwondersshow.com / Record legend Arnie Geller talks about the hit songs he helped produce including: “I Love The Nightlife” (Alicia Bridges), “Pac-Man Fever” (Buckner & Garcia), “Disco Duck” (Rick Dees), “Stand By Me” (Spyder Turner), and “Convoy” (C.W. McCall),

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Jerry Buckner is host of “The 1 Hit Wonders Show.” His credits include the hit single “Pac Man Fever”, “Theme To WKRP In Cincinnati”, and the title song for the hit Disney film, “Wreck-It Ralph.”

www.bucknergarcia.com  /  Buckner & Garcia’s website
www.pacmanfevereatemup.com  / Check out our new release “Pac-Man Fever (Eat ‘Em Up)/2015

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