“Smokin’ In The Boys Room” / Eric Stevens


Show Info:
The story behind the huge 70’s hit, “Smokin’ In The Boys Room” from producer Eric Stevens. A hit that almost didn’t happen for Brownsville Station. Eric shares details about the recording session and what the record company initially thought of the song.
Currently Eric specializes in creating media & marketing campaigns through his Cleveland, Ohio based company, Eric Stevens Marketing. He has successfully implemented marketing campaigns in over 100 markets in the U.S. & Canada including the national radio and television campaign for Grammy Award winning performer Michael W. Smith.
Prior to the formation of Eric Stevens Marketing Eric was Vice President & Operations Director of 50,000 watt clear channel 3WE (Now WTAM) and M105 (Now WMJI) in Cleveland.

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Jerry Buckner is host of “The 1 Hit Wonders Show.” His credits include the hit single “Pac Man Fever”, “Theme To WKRP In Cincinnati”, and the title song for the hit Disney film, “Wreck-It Ralph.”

www.bucknergarcia.com  /  Buckner & Garcia’s website
www.pacmanfevereatemup.com  / Check out our new release “Pac-Man Fever (Eat ‘Em Up)/2015

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